Detergent Mfg. / Packing


Detergent Powder Packing Unit - 1

Year of Establishment 2004

Packing Machines Available
Six Track FFS Machines 6Nos (Prod. Capacity 600 Million Pouches / Day)
Nichrome Machines 2Nos
Single Track Machine 2Nos
Packing capacity 16000 MT/Year
Utility Available Air Compressor ; Dust Collector ; DG

Achieved Good Rating in ENZYME Audit conducted in Aug 2011 Achieved SHECON safety audit rating EXCELLENT


Detergent Powder Packing Unit - 2

Year of Establishment in July 2010.
Packing Machines Available
Six Track FFS Machines 5 Nos (Prod. Capacity 500 Million Pouches / Day)
Hassia Machines 1Nos
Packing capacity 14000 MT/Year
Fill weight packing capability 15g, 20g, 500g & 1Kg

Production started on 68th day, from the date of HUL LOI


Shree Soaps & Chemical Industries-Packing Division

The Company established in 1990 manufacture Soaps then extended Detergent packing division in 2003 under the name of Shree Soaps & Chemical Industries Packing Division. The company is located in Silvassa (UT) and built in covered area of 25,000 Sq. Ft.. With state-of-the-art technology machineries for packing activities, for our valuable FMCG customers.